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687 Photo


A contemporary sports bar located on Deck 4, Aft in The District area on the Disney Dream, is a soph...

Bon Voyage Photo

Bon Voyage

(3 Reviews)

A relaxing bar located on Deck 3, Midship aboard the Disney Dream, is a cozy space where families ca...

Burgundy Aft Lounge Photo

Burgundy Aft Lounge

Meet, greet, chill and chat at the aft lounge. It's a cool place to have a drink, tell friends a jok...

Cove Cafe Photo

Cove Cafe

(4 Reviews)

For adults only, a casual hotspot where Guests 18 years of age or older can enjoy mixed drinks, gour...

Currents Bar Photo

Currents Bar

(2 Reviews)

Currents, a cozy bar located on Deck 13, Forward on the Disney Dream, is a breezy spot with a comman...

Dance Club Photo

Dance Club

Dance. Dance. Dance. The party is in full swing at the Dance Club. Show off your moves and make new...

D Lounge Photo

D Lounge

(4 Reviews)

A family area that provides fun for members of all ages, including game shows and other fun.

Lobby and Atrium Bar Photo

Lobby and Atrium Bar

(1 Review)

The Lobby and Atrium Bar is grand. Mix and mingle with friends, old and new, in this breathtaking sp...

Pink Photo


(2 Reviews)

For adults only located on Deck 4, Aft in The District area on the Disney Dream, is an elegant night...

Rendezvous Club Lounge Photo

Rendezvous Club Lounge

Rendezvous Club Lounge is where you can sit back, enjoy the company of friends, have a cocktail and...

Skyline Bar Photo

Skyline Bar

(1 Review)

You might be asking yourself - why is it called Skyline Bar if it's on one of the lowest levels of t...

Waves Bar Photo

Waves Bar

(1 Review)

Waves, a breezy bar located on Deck 12, Aft aboard the Disney Dream, is a scenic spot overlooking Mi...

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