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Art Gallery Photo

Art Gallery

(1 Review)

Refined culture at sea is what you will experience in our inspiring and thought-provoking Art Galler...

Card Room Photo

Card Room

(2 Reviews)

Try your hand at a game of gin rummy or simply take in the lovely sea view in this intimate space.

Celebrity Central Photo

Celebrity Central

(1 Review)

For an evening of lively, spontaneous entertainment, the versatile Celebrity Central is the perfect...

Celebrity Theater Photo

Celebrity Theater

(9 Reviews)

The stage comes alive in our state-of-the-art theater with dazzling special effects and Broadway-sty...

Ensemble Lounge Photo

Ensemble Lounge

(6 Reviews)

Start your evening off right with a soothing backdrop of instrumental or vocal sounds and the palpab...

Grand Foyer Photo

Grand Foyer

(5 Reviews)

When you enter our Grand Foyer, you'll immediately understand why we make such a great first impress...

Hot Glass Show Photo

Hot Glass Show

(6 Reviews)

Did you know that every window in your house was made on a cruise ship? Well, they actually weren't...

Library Photo


(4 Reviews)

Escape into a good book or browse through one of your favorite magazines in our spacious and peacefu...

Patio on the Lawn Photo

Patio on the Lawn

(1 Review)

Luxury adopts a casual, country club charm at the Patio on the Lawn. Overlooking the beautiful The L...

Persian Garden Photo

Persian Garden

(5 Reviews)

Accompanied by the calming strains of new age music, enjoy the warmth of a relaxing steam or treat y...

Sky Observation Lounge Photo

Sky Observation Lounge

(8 Reviews)

Don't look back, look forward and be amazed by the breathtaking views in our ultimate observation lo...

Solstice Deck Photo

Solstice Deck

(3 Reviews)

Whether you're looking for the ideal spot to do some early morning yoga, stretch out on a canopied l...

The Lawn Club Photo

The Lawn Club

(1 Review)

A freshly manicured lawn on the highest deck. Enjoy casual outdoor activities in a decidedly Countr...

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