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Celebrity Solstice Bars

Cellar Masters Photo

Cellar Masters

(1 Review)

Inspired by the vineyards of Napa Valley, Cellar Masters brings to life the experience of a global w...

Champagne Bar / Martini Bar Photo

Champagne Bar / Martini Bar

(6 Reviews)

In the mood for a bit of bubbly? Then our Champagne Bar is sure to have a vintage that satisfies. Ma...

Crush Photo


(2 Reviews)

An intriguing alcove off The Martini Bar, Crush is a cool, classy setting featuring an ice-filled ta...

Michael's Club Photo

Michael's Club

(4 Reviews)

Adorned in mellow sophistication, Michael's Club is the perfect place to order your favorite cocktai...

Passport Bar Photo

Passport Bar

(3 Reviews)

Escape to the comforting environment of the decidedly casual Passport Bar. Inspired by the relaxed l...

Quasar Photo


(3 Reviews)

Dance the night away in a vibrant nightclub designed for those ready to kick back and get down. Quas...

Sunset Bar Photo

Sunset Bar

(5 Reviews)

The Sunset Bar provides breathtaking views of the length of the ship and the entire world around you...

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Celebrity Solstice Casinos

Fortune's Casino Photo

Fortune's Casino

(3 Reviews)

With Lady Luck by your side, spin the roulette wheel or play the slot machines in our tastefully dec...

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Celebrity Solstice Entertainment

Art Gallery Photo

Art Gallery

(1 Review)

Refined culture at sea is what you will experience in our inspiring and thought-provoking Art Galler...

Card Room Photo

Card Room

(2 Reviews)

Try your hand at a game of gin rummy or simply take in the lovely sea view in this intimate space.

Celebrity Central Photo

Celebrity Central

(1 Review)

For an evening of lively, spontaneous entertainment, the versatile Celebrity Central is the perfect...

Celebrity Theater Photo

Celebrity Theater

(9 Reviews)

The stage comes alive in our state-of-the-art theater with dazzling special effects and Broadway-sty...

Ensemble Lounge Photo

Ensemble Lounge

(6 Reviews)

Start your evening off right with a soothing backdrop of instrumental or vocal sounds and the palpab...

Grand Foyer Photo

Grand Foyer

(5 Reviews)

When you enter our Grand Foyer, you'll immediately understand why we make such a great first impress...

Hot Glass Show Photo

Hot Glass Show

(6 Reviews)

Did you know that every window in your house was made on a cruise ship? Well, they actually weren't...

Library Photo


(4 Reviews)

Escape into a good book or browse through one of your favorite magazines in our spacious and peacefu...

Patio on the Lawn Photo

Patio on the Lawn

(1 Review)

Luxury adopts a casual, country club charm at the Patio on the Lawn. Overlooking the beautiful The L...

Persian Garden Photo

Persian Garden

(5 Reviews)

Accompanied by the calming strains of new age music, enjoy the warmth of a relaxing steam or treat y...

Sky Observation Lounge Photo

Sky Observation Lounge

(8 Reviews)

Don't look back, look forward and be amazed by the breathtaking views in our ultimate observation lo...

Solstice Deck Photo

Solstice Deck

(3 Reviews)

Whether you're looking for the ideal spot to do some early morning yoga, stretch out on a canopied l...

The Lawn Club Photo

The Lawn Club

(1 Review)

A freshly manicured lawn on the highest deck. Enjoy casual outdoor activities in a decidedly Countr...

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Celebrity Solstice Kids Areas

Arcade Photo


The video arcade is one of many entertainment options for young and young-at-heart passengers.

Fun Factory Photo

Fun Factory

Open to children ages 3-11, and supervised by fully trained youth staff, Fun Factory offers plenty o...

XClub Photo


(1 Review)

Younger cruisers ages 12-17 can cut loose and kick back the way they want in our hip VIP area geared...

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Celebrity Solstice Others

Guest Relations And Excursions Photo

Guest Relations And Excursions

(7 Reviews)

The place to go for general ship information, to report lost or damaged goods, and to exchange money...

Online@Celebrity Photo


(3 Reviews)

We know that you will want to share your cruise experience with your friends and family - before you...

Sky Conference Center Photo

Sky Conference Center

Host your meetings in serenity and style in our state-of-the-art facility, with the ability to accom...

Team Earth Photo

Team Earth

Travel meets conservation at the Team Earth venue on Celebrity, where guests can raise their own eco...

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Celebrity Solstice Pools

Pool Photo


(5 Reviews)

By day or night, the pool is an ideal venue to breathe in the refreshing sea air, enjoy a beverage o...

Solarium Photo


(4 Reviews)

Find true poolside serenity at the Celebrity Solarium. Featuring a gorgeous lap pool, sparkling wate...

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Celebrity Solstice Shops

Shops on the Boulevard Photo

Shops on the Boulevard

(4 Reviews)

Beautiful walkways lead you from sophisticated boutiques to fine jewelry stores that hold stylish cl...

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Celebrity Solstice Spa/Fitness

Acupuncture at Sea Photo

Acupuncture at Sea

Get porcupined up and feel like a million bucks afterward. Let's just hope the seas aren't too roug...

AquaSpa by Elemis Photo

AquaSpa by Elemis

(5 Reviews)

In the serene environment of this world-class spa, you can enjoy treatments by Rasul body care, feat...

Fitness Center Photo

Fitness Center

(5 Reviews)

Featuring the latest equipment and inspiring classes, including yoga and pilates, enjoy an exhilarat...

Hair Salon Photo

Hair Salon

(1 Review)

After a day spent in the sun you might be ready for a little pampering. A visit to our shipboard Sal...

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Celebrity Solstice Sports

Jogging Track Photo

Jogging Track

(4 Reviews)

Run laps while taking in the view. Our tracks are open to anyone and proper shoes are recommended.

Lawn Bowling Photo

Lawn Bowling

This isn't like normal bowling, so you can leave your 17 pounder at home. Lawn bowling is a little...

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