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Art Gallery Photo

Art Gallery

(22 Reviews)

The Art Gallery is where you will find refined artwork and sculptures. You may even find yourself bu...

Bandstand Photo


(3 Reviews)

Bandstand is where live musicians will play to keep you entertained.

Carnival Multiplex Photo

Carnival Multiplex

(8 Reviews)

Purchase your tickets for the Thrill And IMAX Theaters at the kiosk. Also buy popcorn, candy and be...

Carnival's Seaside Theatre Photo

Carnival's Seaside Theatre

(29 Reviews)

Watch hit movies, live sporting events, concerts and even cartoons at the large scale outdoor entert...

Club O2 Photo

Club O2

(3 Reviews)

Club O2's the perfect place for teenagers 15 - 17 years old. They will find music, video games, foo...

Dance Floor Photo

Dance Floor

(5 Reviews)

Dance. Dance. Dance. The party is in full swing at the dance floor. Show off your moves and make new...

Family Harbor Lounge Photo

Family Harbor Lounge

(9 Reviews)

The Family Harbor Lounge is a family oriented lounge to hangout, meet other families, play games or...

IMAX Theater Photo

IMAX Theater

(43 Reviews)

The IMAX Theater shows first-run Hollywood blockbusters, recent hit films and IMAX shorts.

Limelight Lounge Photo

Limelight Lounge

(29 Reviews)

The Limelight Lounge offers an array of shows ranging from comedy to live music, complete with brigh...

Liquid Lounge Photo

Liquid Lounge

(51 Reviews)

Liquid Lounge is venue to enjoy spectacular stage shows full of music, dancing, lights and costumes...

Lower Promenade Photo

Lower Promenade

(7 Reviews)

The Lower Promenade is the starboard walkway to get from the front to back on the ship.

Ocean Plaza Photo

Ocean Plaza

(11 Reviews)

Ocean Plaza is open day and night with all sorts of fantastic things going on, not to mention it''s...

Thrill Theater Photo

Thrill Theater

(13 Reviews)

The Thrill Theater is where 3D, jumping off the screen visuals are part of the experience. There ar...

Video Arcade Photo

Video Arcade

(7 Reviews)

If you love to play video games, this is the spot for you - no matter your age. Check out The Wareho...

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