Carnival Splendor Spa and Fitness Centers

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Beauty Salon

Go ahead, get your hair did!

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by cheryllgraham on May 14, 2018

They use great product but missed a few spots on my color

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Cloud 9 Spa

On board the Carnival Splendor, Dream, Magic, Breeze and Sunshine a magnificent spa resort is waiting for you. The Cloud 9 Spa and spa accommodations boast an impressive 40,000 square foot area and are thus one of the largest and most extensive spa facilities afloat. In addition to the gym and fitness area, the spa will feature such as a Thalassotherapy Pool and Thermal Suite, including indoor and outdoor relexation areas and additional treatment rooms. Some of the facilities are capacity controlled and extra charges may apply.

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by SirenoftheSea on May 19, 2018

A great bunch of gals!
3 out of 5

by RachelS12345 on April 14, 2018

The ladies pamper party was a lot of fun. Prices for services however are extremely high.

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Fitness Center/Aerobics

Take an aerobics class, workout on new gym equipment, pamper yourself with soothing treatments and massages, try a new hairstyle, and treat your husband to the ultimate shave right here. Ahhhhh...Spa Carnival.

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3 out of 5

by cheryllgraham on May 14, 2018

I got a good workout but some of the machines didn’t work
5 out of 5

by vmolzen on February 28, 2018

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Milos was a fantastic Pilates instructor! His routine was acceptable for many levels of fitness, and he was kind and helpful. He made the sessions very enjoyable and peaceful. Read Full Review

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Jogging Track

Burn off the breakfast buffet on Carnival''s scenic jogging track.

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Oriental Steam Bath

The high humidity provides an extremely relaxing climate. The respiratory tract is cleansed, circulation stimulated, muscle tension relaxed, the skin becomes pliant and supple. The ideal duration of stay in the steam bath is 10 to 15 minutes. The area is heated by the influx of steam. In ancient Roman times, the steam bath (“caldarium”) was the heart of the installation. In our modern bathing landscapes, more and more people are becoming increasingly appreciative of the interaction of high humidity and radiant heat between temperatures of 40-50°C or 104-112°F.The gentle care and regeneration of skin and hair, as well as relief of the respiratory organs, are among the greatest benefits of the caldarium. Using a caldarium also has a purifying effect on the whole body.

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Robusto Bar

What better way to end the night (or to start the night) than a glass of port and a nice stogey?

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by norarae on March 17, 2018

The baristas were pretty good very nice and I love the spiked drinks

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Sports Deck

It''s all in fun on the Sun deck. Have a swinging good time at the 9-hole mini-golf course, take a quick jog around the padded jogging track, play Ping Pong, volleyball, Shuffle Board, or shoot some hoops.

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The stay in the Tepidarium is protective and stimulating at the same time and can be protracted at will. By an ambient temperature close to that of the body, a healthy fever is induced that strengthens the immune system without overloading the circularory system. The Tepidarium has a preventive and healing effect and is an ideal way to relieve stress and regenerate the system for young and old alike. The Tepidarium is a rest zone comprising ergonomically shaped heated loungers that offer the benefits of radiant heat. The pleasant room climate at temperatures of about 38°C or 100,4°F offers numerous benefits to health. To be emphasized in particular is the gentle strengthening of the immune system. The length of time spent in a Tepidarium is not limited; the revitalizing and comforting effect can be enjoyed for hours.

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Thalassotherapy Pool

An invigorating Cloud 9 Spa amenity, the Thalassotherapy Pool features jets of water that massage your body in a special formulation of ocean water rich with trace elements of vitamins. Treat yourself to a daily or voyage pass for access then let the calming waters do the rest.

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Thermal Suite

Spaaaaaaah! Let yourself be pampered in the restful atmosphere of the Greenhouse Spa and Salon.

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by pris803 on April 08, 2018

Been a few years since I was on this ship but I know I really enjoyed just relaxing on one of the beds. Did this while everyone was in port so had the whole thing to myself.

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