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The stay in the Tepidarium is protective and stimulating at the same time and can be protracted at will. By an ambient temperature close to that of the body, a healthy fever is induced that strengthens the immune system without overloading the circularory system. The Tepidarium has a preventive and healing effect and is an ideal way to relieve stress and regenerate the system for young and old alike. The Tepidarium is a rest zone comprising ergonomically shaped heated loungers that offer the benefits of radiant heat. The pleasant room climate at temperatures of about 38°C or 100,4°F offers numerous benefits to health. To be emphasized in particular is the gentle strengthening of the immune system. The length of time spent in a Tepidarium is not limited; the revitalizing and comforting effect can be enjoyed for hours.

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by myronpb76

Staff was awesome, excellent! I love you guys!!! Hope to see you again!!!

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