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Alchemy Bar Photo

Alchemy Bar

(33 Reviews)

The theme of this bar is pharmacy and the medicine is custom made cocktails. Have a couple and I''m...

Azure Bar Photo

Azure Bar

(5 Reviews)

Meet, greet, chill and chat at the Azure Bar. It's a cool place to have a drink, tell friends a joke...

Bar Blue Photo

Bar Blue

(1 Review)

Enjoy you blue drink at the Bar Blue! Offers passengers a place to sit and have a drink while liste...

BlueIguana Tequila Bar Photo

BlueIguana Tequila Bar

(15 Reviews)

This Mexican-themed bar serves a variety of frozen tequila drinks and beer. Ask for the iguana sauce...

EA Sports Bar Photo

EA Sports Bar

(11 Reviews)

Kick back, grab a drink and root for your team or just catch up with friends old and new at the spor...

Kaleidoscope Casino Bar Photo

Kaleidoscope Casino Bar

(5 Reviews)

Winning big in the casino is big fun, and your next stop is celebrating with a top-shelf drink. Loca...

Redfrog Rum Bar Photo

Redfrog Rum Bar

(37 Reviews)

RedFrog Rum Bar was originally introduced on the Carnival Magic and received with such success that...

The Cinn-A-Bar Piano Bar Photo

The Cinn-A-Bar Piano Bar

(7 Reviews)

Check out the piano bar for the ultimate in fun. Listen to live music, make song requests, sing alon...

White Heat Dance Club Photo

White Heat Dance Club

(13 Reviews)

Dance. Dance. Dance. The party is in full swing at the Point After dance club. Show off your moves a...

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