Kids Areas

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Circle C Photo

Circle C

(4 Reviews)

One of the coolest spots on board is Circle C and it's just for kids 12-14... video games, dance par...

Club O2 Photo

Club O2

(4 Reviews)

We know just what teenagers 15-17 like... Music, video games, food, new friends and BIG fun - Club O...

Dr. Seuss Bookville Photo

Dr. Seuss Bookville

(2 Reviews)

The world of Dr. Seuss comes to life in Dr. Seuss Bookville. Library room for kids decked out in bri...

Warehouse Video Arcade Photo

Warehouse Video Arcade

(1 Review)

If you love to play video games we've got just the spot for you - no matter your age. Check out The...

Camp Ocean Photo

Camp Ocean

From finger painting to cartoon time, the little ones will have a blast at this supervised camp for...

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