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Blackbeard''s Bar
(1 Review)

Blackbeard''s is located poolside and is the closest that Princess could to situating you near alcohol while working on your tan. If,...

Crooners Martini Bar
(7 Reviews)

Stylish and sophisticated, Crooners Martini Bar is a popular place to unwind after dinner. Meet up with some of your friends and fellow...

Lobby Bar
(4 Reviews)

Relax in the Lobby Bar with a refreshing beverage while you sit in the middle of all of the action. Watch your fellow Ship Mates walk...

Outrigger Bar
(1 Review)

The Outrigger Bar overlooks the Terrace Pool. If you can''t swim, this is the safest place for you… unless your underage - then you sh...

Skywalkers Nightclub
(4 Reviews)

Boasting panoramic views from its vantage point on the Sky Deck, Skywalkers Nightclub invites you to spend an evening dancing, socializ...

Vines Bar
(3 Reviews)

Enjoy some great wines and delicious seafood at Vines Bar. Wash an oyster down with a little bit of sparkling wine to start your night...

Wheelhouse Bar
(1 Review)

Princess memorabilia decorates the nautically-themed Wheelhouse Bar, where the attentive staff is always ready to take your order. Gra...

Calypso Bar

I''ve heard that daiquiris help to get an even tan… it was from the Calypso Bar bartender - it worked.

Calypso Cove

Did you forget your drawers? Stop by Calypso Cove to get some Princess branded gear. And if you''re feeling generous, get your friend...

Morgan''s Bar

This bar was named after my friend, Morgan Jenkins - legend has it, she drank them out of pina coladas then stole a dingy in the middle...

Tradewinds Bar

The Tradewinds watering hole is located on the Sun Deck and has the coldest ice cubes of any bar on the ship. We tested.

Meridian Bay

Pick up some jewelry and other sparkly goodies as well as some clothing while at Meridian Bay. Save some money for the casino!

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