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The Crow's Nest Photo

The Crow's Nest

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The snug areas and comfy leather chairs provide a feeling of intimacy where you can curl up with a b...

Atrium Photo


With the Reception Desk at the heart of its base, the Atrium soars through the upper decks and has b...

Horizon Photo


You can embark on a voyage of self-discovery with the ‘New Horizons Programme''. This exciting progr...

The Globe Photo

The Globe

The Globe is located amidships and it is here you will find a variety of forms of entertainment. Tak...

The Library Photo

The Library

The Library is a peaceful escape stocked with best-sellers and informative travel books.

The Palladium Photo

The Palladium

For the ultimate in entertainment, take in a production in the three-tiered Palladium. The seating i...

The Screening Room Photo

The Screening Room

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