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by kennylisak

After cruise we went to Cape Canaveral. It was a day before a rocket launch, so we got to see the rocket (horizontal) at the launch pad. Really cool place to visit, and they take you to the airport afterwards. Very convenient.

Visited: Aug 06, 2017

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by ida1212

This was my first cruise and I was afraid of not knowing where to go, in the port everything was very well organized and I always found smiling people who answered my questions


by Lillcruiser

We used Lyft and went to Coco Beach. Lyft was $25 and a pretty quick ride. We had them drop us off at Ron Jon’s and we shopped for a bit and then grabbed some waters and gatorades at the Walgreens across the street. Then we walked down the path to the beach. We rented an umbrella for a few hours from a little rental spot that was set up there ($10) and played in the ocean for several hours. Then we walked to a frozen yogurt shop, everyone had a treat, and we took Lyft back to the ship. Very economical and fun day. The ocean was incredibly warm, it was a beautiful day, and the kids truly had a blast.


by andreadgonzalez

Very effective and spacious port! We arrived at our scheduled time and the only waiting we did was getting ourselves from the car rental office over to the port. Other than that, it was a very smooth embarkation and I really enjoyed how big the port was. For how many people boarded on the ship, it didn't feel crowded at all. Got me cruise ready!


by rus803

This was the fastest and easiest we have ever gotten on and off a ship. We had no wait at all boring the ship. We got off our bus went threw check in got our pictures taken with no line. After check in they called our section for boarding before we could even sit down. The line for customs when leaving the ship was only about a ten min wait. They have the shuttle services laid out very organized as well.


by Cisar2

I live 30 minutes from here, how convenient is that ? This is a great Port have gone out of here quite a few times highly recommend this and we be the best weather !

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