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by Lmoff62

Our original flight time was moved and rather than cut it too close to departure, we went down a day ahead. Stayed on the beach in Ft Lauderdale and made for a very relaxing day/night before, and no stress on embark day.

Visited: Nov 20, 2017

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by Cruzthrulife

I have only ever embarked/ disembarked here but I’ve done it quite a few times and every single time has been amazing. A few reviews on here have mentioned that it is in an industrial area which is true as there are also cargo ships near the port but it’s still beautiful. If you look out towards the opening of the port, it is absolutely beautiful! The actual process of embarking and disembarking is very smooth! The security checkpoint was very smooth and easy every single time. The check-in line was very easy and after sitting in a waiting area for 15-30 minutes, we were on the ship. Disembarking was also very simple. Found our bags in their designated spot, went through customs, and we were in a taxi 15 minutes after leaving the ship.


by loridawson

Very welcoming, and very organized, but we did not do anything but prepare to board. But nice and clean area, and I like that the transportation services were all there to assist with getting people to the hotels and airports

Visited: Oct 20, 2018

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