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by katelynolson

So much to do here between hiking, food, concerts, amusement parks. There’s a little something for everyone. If you don’t like LA, there’s a lot to do in surrounding areas.


by SusanArizona

No Excursion from LA. We had stayed the previous night at the Marriott Ontario Airport hotel, before driving to LA to board ship. We had lunch Ralph's friends at Baldwin Park CHP.

Visited: Jan 03, 2008

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by barryb1103

Was going to do Universal Studios but it was canceled since we got into port late due sea life speed restrictions. Went to Venice Beach and Monterey instead. Was ok but LA is a third world country.

Visited: Sep 21, 2019

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by Travelgoals

My family liked Cali., so many fun places to go to. They want to return back, that’s how much they love it. I have a few pictures on here. Cali. is always a great place to visit.


by Sezabell

We just spent 5 days in Hollywood LA & loved it. Our Hotel was amazing & highly recommend to all. Great location & super friendly staff. They also have a bar for that wind down drink time. Happy hour is the best time. Only thing was we were so sad to see how many homeless people there was. Not one bugged us but we just felt we wanted to help even though we couldn’t :( Reason for the 4 star was the silly CD guys that hassle you & shove CDs in your face & force you to pay. But we soon learnt to not make eye contact & walk fast haha. Hollywood LA is a must see though so don’t let the homeless people scare you as they are harmless.

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