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Frozen, gleaming white fjords and glaciers, looming icebergs, pale green fields dotted with sheep farms and towns of brightly painted blue, red, yellow, green and white houses are the hallmarks of Southern Greenland, and especially Qaqortoq, the 'White Palace'',one of the region's largest villages. Greenland's only fountain splashes gently in a pleasant square while the harbour is alive with locals bringing in the day's catch.

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Poor little town 😀, so much potential! A native Inuit village. Visited the general store, two grocery stores, the small museum. Failed to find a place for a small lunch, as the nice-looking local sports bar was closed and the hotel restaurant was up too far on a hill. We really enjoyed walking and looking at a small group of crafters outside the visitor center, which was too jammed to shop in. Take it for what it is, a slice of daily life in the far north. But 10 hours there is too long, unless you get the helicopter tour, that is weather dependent. Those who went on the house visit really liked it, abundance of food.

Visited: Aug 26, 2018

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Small town. Not a lot to see or do. Many items from the one gift store can’t be bought by us citizens and since it was a little windy they canceled all tours. Really, 2,000 people ready to throw money at you and you have nothing?? Really expected a bit more.

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