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Did you have a cruise booked that has been canceled? If so, you likely have a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) unless you opted for a refund. Simply put, an FCC is the amount of money you paid for the cruise fare plus any bonus given by your cruise line for taking the FCC instead of a refund. Think of it as a gift certificate for the amount issued to be used toward a future cruise. Using an FCC seems pretty straightforward...until it’s not. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you navigate through these uncharted (and sometimes confusing) waters.

  • How do I book my future cruise?

    • Contact your local travel agent or the cruise line to book your cruise and be sure to tell them upfront you have a Future Cruise Credit to redeem. You will need to have your FCC information from the cruise line handy at the time of booking, so print it out or save it to your screen so it’s easily accessible.

  • What happens if my future cruise costs less than my FCC amount?

    • When you book your cruise using your FCC and the new cruise is less expensive than the FCC, don’t worry. The cruise line will either leave the balance on that FCC to use at a future time (check the expiration details) or issue you a new FCC for the remaining balance. Bottom line: you won’t lose the balance 

  • Can I use the FCC with a travel agent?

    • Yes! All Future Cruise Credits can be redeemed with a travel agent or directly with the cruise line. There are some travel agencies providing extra incentives to redeem FCCs. Be sure to check all the details and if you need a travel agent, ask for a referral from friends or family or check our site for partner offers.

  • What’s included in my FCC? 

    • The FCC is based on the cruise fare paid. Things not included in an FCC (and refunded to your form of payment) would be port taxes, pre-paid gratuities, shore excursions, and onboard spending credits. Be sure to review your FCC once it’s issued, and if you find any discrepancies notify the cruise line immediately.

  • When does my FCC expire? 

    • Be sure to check this VERY carefully as each credit is different based on when your cruise was canceled. Additionally, each cruise line has different expiration deadlines in which to use the FCC. Carefully review all details when you receive the FCC to ensure you don’t miss a deadline and lose the funds.

  • Is the FCC refundable?

    • Maybe. This really depends on the cruise line and you should check with the issuing line for restrictions and if refunding is an option if you aren’t able to use the credit before the expiration date. Many cruise lines are relaxing their policies a bit, but each cruise line is different so we recommend checking to be sure what your options are if the expiration date is quickly approaching.

  • Is the FCC transferable to a friend or family member?

    • Maybe. Check with the cruise line as many of them will allow a name change on a cabin but you may have to book using the FCC first and then make the name change afterward. We recommend you check with your travel agent or cruise line representative to see how best to handle and in some cases (depending on the circumstances) you may need to escalate the issue to Customer Service.

  • If I was booked on a promotion that had value-added amenities such as drink package, specialty dining, etc. will that be applied to my new booking?

    • Each cruise line is offering different “rebooking” incentives. For example, on Celebrity as part of their ‘Cruise with Confidence’ program, the line is offering to protect the same rate and amenities if you rebook the same ship and sailing the following year. They are also including a price match guarantee should the rate of the new cruise drop. For more details, click here

    • Book with Confidence policy. Be sure to check with the cruise line or your travel agent to learn more about the policy applicable to your FCC and future booking. 

  • If I book a new cruise with my FCC, can I get a refund if I decide to cancel the cruise?

    • The simple answer is no, the new booking is not refundable BUT most of the cruise lines have a Book with Confidence policy that allows for the cancellation up to 48 hours prior to sailing on certain departures. Read the policy carefully and know what your options are should you decide to cancel the new booking, as each cruise line clearly spells out your options available. 

  • Can FCCs be used on other brands in the same corporation?

    • No. Future Cruise Credits are only applicable to the cruise line that you were originally booked with. At this time cruise lines are not allowing you to use an FCC with a sister company.

  • What happens if a cruise line files for bankruptcy? Will my FCC still be good?

    • Most likely they will be honored. While the word “bankruptcy” tends to strike fear in the hearts of the public, it’s really not something consumers should worry too much about. Under Chapter 11, a company (i.e. cruise line) continues to operate as usual and would likely be allowed to honor all FCCs. This part is up to a judge to allow, but given the precedence that’s been set, it’s a pretty good bet they allow it. As a side note, almost all of the airlines have gone through Chapter 11 in recent times and continued to honor gift cards, future travel credits, etc. In layman's terms, Chapter 11 allows a cruise line to reorganize its debt and restructure its business so it can operate at a much more efficient level with minimal impact on the day-to-day business and product they deliver. 


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