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by nath243

Simply beautiful. Fish visible soon as you get off the tender at the yacht club. Great place to go for scenic walks. Follow the foreshore & the road up the hill and take the 2nd dirt road at the top and follow that for great views

Visited: Jan 21, 2020

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by sunnyscunny

Lovely place. Hired a taxi for the day and agreed to pay when back at the boat. Went snorkelling at one beach and then to a lagoon beach to sunbathe, lovely place.


by sloopjohnc

Kinda sketchy little port- had to tender in. Good shopping opportunities and deals. I just walked around solo. Wife was in quarantine ship side. Heard there were other nice excursions. Nice people. Definitely some poverty & squalor and what goes with that.

Visited: Nov 08, 2019

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