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Guam is a United States territory seated in the Pacific Ocean, closer to Japan than to the U.S. Guam is a tropical paradise and a melting pot of Micronesian, Chamoru, American, and Asian cultures. Thanks to this diversity, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of excellent restaurants. The entire island boasts duty-free status, giving shoppers a chance to pick up inexpensive brand-name merchandise.

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by Yolanda1954

Good snorkeling. Go into new casino for breathtaking decorations and fast free WIFI


by jillopy

Once again shuttle to a shopping centre. So back to the ship - not very inspiring.


by rshinrock

Did the Fort Soleida and Point Gunn tour. Our tour guide gave us an extensive historical perspective of the island's history.

by ontariotraveler

We visited a memorial to the war in the Pacific, and a native village. Ok tour, not much to do on Guam. Also another very hot muggy day.

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