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Guam is a United States territory seated in the Pacific Ocean, closer to Japan than to the U.S. Guam is a tropical paradise and a melting pot of Micronesian, Chamoru, American, and Asian cultures. Thanks to this diversity, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of excellent restaurants. The entire island boasts duty-free status, giving shoppers a chance to pick up inexpensive brand-name merchandise.

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by md90

Beautiful island, lots of lush green vegetation, history of the War in the Pacific, toured Asan beach where US Forces came ashore to capture Guam from the Japanese Forces, Two Lovers Point, drive through downtown Guam, saw the checkpoint entry to the US Naval Base in Guam which isn’t far from the cruise pier where you can see the US Navy ships docked. Nice beaches too.


by Summerholiday

Loved this port took a taxi into town carnival offered a bus for $15 return back to the ship but was told by many passengers it wasn’t worth it should of got a taxi to much waiting around had a tour of the islands lovely clean crystal clear waters ,friendly just loved it ...

Visited: Oct 05, 2019

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by RobinWig

Took a free shuttle from the ship to a local hotel. Took a “ StrollGuam”, like Uber to a locals shopping/eating area which unfortunately almost all businesses were completely closed. I walked several miles along the beautiful coast but again almost nothing was opened. This was on a Sunday. These areas were in pretty rough shape and I did not feel particularly safe walking alone. I had difficulty with phone service but eventually got in touch with my friends who rescued me.

Visited: Oct 05, 2019

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