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This is the port for Trujillo, the "Lordly City," whose elegant mansions and churches reflect the aristocracy of the Spanish colonial era. Here you may opt for a thrilling excursion to Chan-Chan, an immense and magnificent enclave that since A.D. 1300 has been the center of the sophisticated Chim culture.

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Ride in the 3 wheeled motorcycle coaches for $5.00 . Some rich Lady got the same ride we did, but paid $1.00 fare. Remember, we are Living on the same Planet, You are no better than the Indigenous Peoples of PERU !

Visited: Apr 09, 2016

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Took the local your. However the temporary local market set in up at the bow on the dock in port has good prices and local made products. Very congested traffic. 2 hours of tour was sitting in traffic.

Visited: Dec 08, 2017

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