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by AuntPinkie

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: is now a “suffer haven”. The history of this place was unknown to us and a great surprise as to the importance it had for the California Gold Rush. We did not take a tour here and just went into town (small village) to see the area. We would not recommend wandering about without a guide.

Visited: Dec 05, 2016

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by am5katz

Probably the best excursion of the trip - we went by ferry to Ometepe Island and visited a museum/hotel/ranch/farm, then on to another hotel on the lake for yet another great lunch. We had another excellent guide, who knew everything about his country :)

Visited: Feb 19, 2018

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by owen1023

Nice town. Lots of local vendors and a beautiful beach by the pier. We bought a coconut that was cut open with a straw for a dollar and when we finished they cut it open so we could eat the flesh.

Visited: Mar 30, 2019

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by Cynthiaryan

We took the Granada, Lake Nicaragua, Las Isletas cruise and lunch tour. Our tour guide was amazing and so funny, he really made the tour so enjoyable. This tour is a little pricey, but if you pre-book it before you leave, you get cheaper. This tour was great, we seen lots of local wildlife, we had a lovely lunch at a very modern and clean restaurant, would highly recommend this tour as everything is far away from the port and I would not go walking around on my own here. It was extremely hot, so dress appropriately, and bring sunglasses and long bib hat and sunscren.

Visited: Apr 09, 2019

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by RussoVictor

Ship didn’t stop there because of violence and unrest. Not a safe and stable country. Avoid if you want to cruise further in your life. Typical banana republic.


by needles85365

They said this was a newer port just trying to get established so it was okay. They definitely have room to develop. Dirty, poverty more exposed. I felt safe while on our tour.

Visited: Feb 19, 2018

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