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Walvis Bay is an outpost on the empty stretch of Southwest Africa they call the Skeleton Coast. It was named for the whales once hunted here. Behind the town is the Namib Desert with trackless dunes inhabited by hardy, exotic desert plants and, now and then, a hungry lion or a ghostly herd of elephants. There is only one road, and it leads to Windhoek, Namibia's capital.

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We asked the local tourism guide where we should go for a lunch with local cuisine. "Not here!" was her reply. "Okay, maybe take the shuttle to the mall, hire a taxi if you can find one who speaks English, and there's a town maybe 30km away where you might find decent food." We took her advice and stayed aboard. Due to physical disabilities, we did not try any of the "four-wheel drive to the desert" tours, but some said they were good.

Visited: Dec 22, 2018

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