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The Three Gorges Dam is a massive dam project. It took 4 escalators just to get up to a viewing area where we could look down on the dam. Later that evening our ship sailed through the ship lock but we had to wait to go through and it got late so we didn't get to experience the few hours of going through the ship lock there (many people did stay up for it though). The next day we did an excursion, which was a ride in a sampan (small boat) up a tributary of the Yangtze called the Goddess Stream, which was a tour of the Lesser Three Gorges. The hour and a half ride gave us some amazing views of the Goddess Stream and was really enjoyable.

Visited: Aug 09, 2017

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The Three Gorges Dam is an interesting engineering achievement, but I'm not terribly interested in engineering. The view from on top of the Dam was lovely. There was little informed discussion of the environmental and human costs of building the Dam and displacing a million people.

Visited: May 15, 2011

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