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The "Gateway to Africa," located at its northwestern tip, Tangier is a fashionable resort that retains all of its age-old mystery and excitement. French and Islamic influences meet and merge in this fascinating old city. Mosques and minarets overlook the shadowy streets of the bazaar, while the higher part of town, with its broad boulevards and lovely parks, looks down on the ocean.

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Very interesting place the last time we visited was in the early 70`s and it does not appear to have changed narrow streets buildings leaning and living conditions appear primitive.

Visited: Nov 22, 2016

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Took a tour of Tangier arranged through an independent vendor. Guide and Driver provided us a wonderful experience. We stopped at several locations that our Guide knew personally that offered a unique experience. Hercules Cave was interesting. Enjoyed a mint flavored tea for a relaxing refreshment. Walking tour of the city involved a substantial amount of walking so be prepared. Also be prepared to be challenged by aggressive street vendors. Our guide adjusted our schedule to accommodate personal requests such as visiting the local market to see the fish/meat vendors and then to a spice vendor where one could obtain freshly prepared spices.

Visited: Mar 28, 2018

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I suggest going with a group here. Many beggars & market is a hard place to negotiate. You WILL get lost in there & someone will "help" you find your way back & expect payment for their services.

Visited: Jan 24, 2016

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