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Shimizu city, a port and fishing center located in Shizuoka Prefecture, exports tea, oranges, and canned food. Shimizu also produces motorcycles, ships, and musical instruments and is home to petroleum and aluminum refineries. Nearby is Miho-no-matsubara, a breakwater famed for its beauty. Located between Tokyo and Osaka, Shimizu is conveniently located for touring central Honshu.

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We just did our own sightseeing, catching public transport to the local shopping centre. Loved seeing Mt Fuji excellent day

Visited: Mar 22, 2018

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Went to Minho-no Matsubara (World Heritage Site) on a ship tour. Aa large pine tree forest along the beach. Sometimes, if the pollution isn’t too bad, you can walk down to,the waters edge and glimpse Mt Fuji. The trees were pretty cool, because several of them were held up with poles due to high winds making them bend over. Otherwise, it was boring. We also stopped and took a rope tram to a shrine. It was interesting, but not worth the 45 minute wait in line each way for the tram.


A very friendly town and the fortress / temple with the ropeway well worth the visit. However, the views of Mount Fuji from the hill are superb. Well worth the visit just for "Fuji San".


We used the public tram with the help of a local man who headed us off in the right direction! We got to Minho no Matsubara to see the pine forest, black beach and a great view of Mt Fuji. We took the tram back to town and walked to a tea shop for a tasting of tea and some gifts to take home. It was a great day.


Lovely port we could exchange our money when we found a bank that would exchange aud to yen not very helpful especially in the terminal where they couldn't be bothered helping to exchange our money only wanted American money, I probably won't go to Japan anymore that was our first time in this country and from what I saw I didn't like.

Visited: Nov 19, 2017

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