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This large, bustling port is the starting point for tours to the ancient cities of Kyoto and Nara, the cultural fountainheads of classical Japan. Kyoto's Imperial Palace and the shogunal Nijo Castle remain glorious symbols of the power the city held for over 1,000 years. But you may wish to stay in Osaka itself for a few days to experience the delightful cuisine, including okinomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), tako yaki (fried octopus balls, and more.

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by johnnierainey

The second largest city in Japan is just that...huge. There is a good metro and this offers the opportunity to travel throughout the city unescorted. On balance better to take a tour to Kyoto perhaps on the "bullet train". The ship berths next to a huge indoor shopping centre complete with an enormous ferris wheel, all of which is an attraction in itself.

Visited: Jan 02, 2017

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by MelinaLoc

Love this port. We did the Kyoto on your own excursion from the ship and was able to see the city at our own pace. Definitely need to come back for a longer visit. ❤️

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