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Limassol is the major port of the island republic of Cyprus. Atlthough it began as a small market town, Limassol today is a bustling commercial center for fruits, vegetables, wine, and manufactured goods. It is also home to many restaurants and taverns. Visitors should explore the Archaelogical and Folk museums. The annual Wine Festival and Carnival Celebration are also very popular.

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by BobPierce

We used previously the company Spanos Buses Cyprus and had a wonderful time. Was by far the best shore excursion of our 11 days cruise on the Oceania Riviera and we saw a lot more than any of the ship's shore excursions and we paid less than half comparing ship's shore excursions. We had very personal service and quick response. Best of all the payment is at the end of the tour. That means you can cancel at any time with no loss. Itineraries are excellent and quite inclusive Tours, prices are right, reviews are very very good. Everything ok. You just have to write them. Then you get more descriptions and prices. Simply specify the date and your ship. Answermail comes quite fast. Use the link below to book direct. Spanos Buses Cyprus Website:


by HueyCruise

We made the mistake off not starting at the Marina , it has been updated as part of 350million upgrade of Limassol seafront , just head for this area and forget the town centre.

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