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Laem Chabang is a modern harbor complex that serves Bangdok, Thailand's capital. The gentle Thai people have raised folk dance to high art, created a unique cuisine and built a capital city of fluted spires and golden domes. High on the list of "must see" sights are the Floating Market, Royal Palace, Reclining Buddha, Golden Buddha, and Temple of the Dawn.

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We took a bus from the port to the beach city of Pattaya about one hour away. The bus dropped us off in front of Mike's Mall a large building about six stories high with escalators and one bank of elevators, There were many vendors on each floor. Money exchange on the first floor. Several places to eat and a grocery store. There were shops and restaurant along the street in both directions from the mall. There was a Starbucks a couple of blocks away with free Wi Fi.

Visited: Dec 10, 2017

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We did the overnight in Bangkok and thought it was worth every penny. We had an excellent tour guide named Opal, who was very knowledgeable and caring. She really made the excursion fantastic!

Visited: Dec 10, 2017

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To short you need at least 2 full daises you are 2 hours from excursion we got a group together for transfer which was excellent and had Wi-fi on the van, water bottles, we chose a hotel close to the river and went on the express boat to the paclace complex,overwelimg architecture and very crowded but worth every minute, next day had enough time for another boat ride to a temple complex far less crowded and worth while,

Visited: Dec 06, 2017

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Very interesting. We hired a taxi from the port and went downtown on the first day - did a boat cruise of the river, then Wat Pho followed by the metal castle, a tour of the democracy monument, a delicious lunch then back to the boat for a quiet evening. the next day we hired the same taxi to go to Pattaya - touring the Sanctuary followed by the beach. It was a short day so this worked for us. Far cheaper than a HAL excursion.

Visited: Dec 20, 2017

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Laem Chabang, Laemchabang, LCB is LAEMCHABANG. Is name of a small village in Sriracha District of Chonburi province. This name is not Bangkok or any part of Bangkok. Laemchabang is now a name of biggest port and better cruises hub in Thailand. Laemchabang far 2.30 hrs. away to Bangkok and 40 minutes to Pattaya. Laemchabang is Laemchabang. Laemchabang is not Bangkok. Everyone well know Laemchabang now.

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