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Opened to U.S. ships in 1854 and then in 1857 to general foreign trade, Hokodate was the chief port of Hokkaido until recently replaced by Sapporo. It is linked with Aomori on Honshu by the Seikan Tunnel. A commercial and industrial center, the city's main industries are fishing, shipbuilding, and food processing. Of interest is the Goryokaku, the fort where the Tokugawa shogun made his last stand.

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by rclooking

Don't need a shore excursion here. The port provides a free shuttle to downtown and everything is walkable from there. But there are only limited number of things to see.

Visited: May 07, 2017

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by BazaarBataar

Wonderful little town on an Ithmus. Easy to navagate from the fishmarkets to the fortress Goryokaku. Very walkable but quaint with its trams, some very modern and some vintage.


by ljohnston

Very much like San Francisco with tram and coastal city feel. There is a cable car trip - go on this if it is a clear day. You can walk around the hilly streets and visit various churches and ceremony. Good food places, lots of streets to explore. There was a firework display when it got dark. Try to do the cable car at night if it is a clear sky.


by mimirose

Easy to visit the attractions without guided tour! View from the mountain is stunning but nighttime view is supposed to be spectacular if time alliws

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