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In Gustavia, the capital, there are branches of several well-known French shops (such as Cartier). The small crowd of habitues is mostly young, chic, and French. The food, wine, and aromas are equally Gallic. The harbour or Carenage was renamed Gustavia after the 18th-century Swedish king, Gustavus III, and became a free port, marking the beginning of the island's greatest prosperity.

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by Canes1949

Of all the Islands St. Bart’s is our favorite. Great restaurants,trendy shops,very nice people. It is definently expensive but worth it. Will need some patience with the tendering but heck your on vacation.


by tbrusse

We had to tender in but the Seas were very rough. The captain decided to go ahead with tendering even though the seas were bad. Many people were sick, 2 of the tenders crashed into the ship and broke various parts off the tenders. The captain should have never attempted tendering, for safety sake!

Visited: Mar 18, 2018

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