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by Gorgie

We saw Brujo Glacier, but I am sure they are comparable. It was very nice. But again, after being in Antarctic where you saw literally hundreds of glaciers it would not have been as impressive to see it westbound.


by dslaughter1159

Arrived late due to departing Punta Arenas an hour late--late excursion return from Antarctica. Weather was somewhat marginal--rain and low clouds.


by wvtraveler

Another day, another glacier? As our guide in Puerto Vallarta repeatedly asked, "¿Si or no?" On first thought, I was tempted to answer "No. I've been to Alaska and seen plenty of glaciers." But maybe I need to rethink this one. After all, even as it shrinks, Amalia *is* grinding away a volcano. And, as my wife remembers someone saying, it *is* the bluest glacier in the world. Can I change my vote?

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