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The economic capital of Morocco and the second largest city in Africa, Casablanca is an exotic blend of African, Arabian and European cultures. White-washed houses and peaceful mosques line the narrow streets of ancient Medina, the original Arab Section. Nearby, souks hum with the activity of contented shoppers bargaining for fine leather and handicrafts. The Ain Daib quarter in the southern part of the city boasts a strand of oceanfront resorts and restaurants set along the beach. Visit the mysterious "pink" city of Marrakech with its famed market and snake-charmers.

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Getting off the ship onto a smelly, industrial port, your feet sink into layers of compressed oil and diesel. I would not recommend trying to walk off ship. You have to take a shuttle or excursion because it's too far and dangerous to walk - through an industrial area with no safeguards for pedestrians and a massive military area.

Visited: Oct 22, 2016

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Very enjoyable excursion; highlights of Casablana and Hassan II Mosque. The market and olive market were interesting. Tour guide was excellent. Recommend excursion with guide instead of "on your own".

Visited: Feb 03, 2018

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