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The economic capital of Morocco and the second largest city in Africa, Casablanca is an exotic blend of African, Arabian and European cultures. White-washed houses and peaceful mosques line the narrow streets of ancient Medina, the original Arab Section. Nearby, souks hum with the activity of contented shoppers bargaining for fine leather and handicrafts. The Ain Daib quarter in the southern part of the city boasts a strand of oceanfront resorts and restaurants set along the beach. Visit the mysterious "pink" city of Marrakech with its famed market and snake-charmers.

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I read several reviews prior to going on this trip. They mentioned that the port was filthy and oil covered - totally untrue. Yes it was an industrial port and not near as pretty as most ports but I took an old pair of shoes to throw away after getting them all dirty - totally unnecessary. Of course I chose this port with a romantic picture of the movie in my mind and it was definitely not like that. Rick’s Cafe was great though - the food was delicious and extremely reasonable. We did not buy an excursion, we simply walked around. Easy to find the Mosque and Cafe and the Medina. We did hear about others having a bad/scary shopping experience. We did not we stayed in the center of things. Not as romantic as I pictured lol but I enjoyed myself very much.


I had visited Morocco six times prior to this port stop in Casablanca. I sailed with Costa and chose one of their tours of the city because I knew it would be hot. Choosing a tour is your best option if you're unfair with Morocco. Tourists often get scared away but aggressive sellers and taxi drivers. My advice would be not to engage with them. Say 'no', laugh it off and keep walking. You don't owe them an excuse. The port itself is a bit far from the city centre. I wouldn't walk it in the heat. If you didn't want to take a tour, you could always negotiate with a local taxi driver to give you a tour of the city. I've done this many times in other Moroccan cities but not Casablanca. I've paid drivers between $40 USD and $60 USD for five hours. Pay in local currency or euros.


Very enjoyable excursion; highlights of Casablana and Hassan II Mosque. The market and olive market were interesting. Tour guide was excellent. Recommend excursion with guide instead of "on your own".

Visited: Feb 03, 2018

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