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Situated on Spain's Costa del Sol, Malaga is the region's capital and a popular holiday destination. At the same time, the city is known as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and for the sweet Malaga dessert wines that come from the hilly vineyards just outside of town. Other points of interest include impressive Gothic architecture, remains of a Moorish castle, and several interesting museums.

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Absolutely love this port. I come back most years and look forward to it. I don't go out sight seeing but lay on the beach instead. Would definitely recommend the beach if you like it. For a few euros you can use two sun beds with a sun umbrella for the day. The beach is lovely itself- sandy.


Malaga was warm and beautiful. We walked from the dock into town & then had a walk through to see what we could see. We visited the Picasso museum which was interesting as it had a Jackson pollock display as well.


There is so much to see around this port. I would recommend doing an excursion to Mijas, a village outside up in the hills. We visited there during a road trip years ago and loved it. Otherwise for those who prefer to do their own thing, just walk into the town and go into the Moorish castle or visit the Picasso Museum.

Visited: Apr 04, 2018

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