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Great place to spend time. Easy to walk into town from where the ships dock. Plenty of shopping, bars and cafe's. Get on the bus to the blue lagoon and take a swim.


Very nice, to see from deck 18 to Valletta/Malta, and also down to the pronenade. And with the new lift, you can beam you to the old city in a short time for only 1 Euro. To visit the town of valletta, it is a highlight. And to see Valletta from deck 18 of MSC Meraviglia, this is the second highlight !

Visited: Dec 10, 2017

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Visit "the pub" a small bar in Archbishop street at the end Republic street. This is the bar Oliver Reed died whilst filming Gladiator. When the British fleet are in port the sailors use this bar and you can see all their emblems and badges. Well worth a visit.

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