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Founded by Phoenicians in 1100 B.C., Cadiz may be the oldest continuously occupied city in the West. The Cathedral's gold dome dates from 1722, when New World treasures flowed here. But is also the gateway to the Moorish marvels of Seville: the Alcazar and Giralda Tower, the fountains and palaces of Maria Luisa Park, and the great Cathedral, whose altar is decorated with 4,000 pounds of gold from the Americas!

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Really enjoyed this old city. Beautiful old buildings with nice shops and many market squares. Clean and nice with many coble stone streets. Good little city to take a stroll in the morning and enjoy a cup of espresso.


Gorgeous little place with such a wonderful feel about it. Excellent independent shops. Feels very bohemian and arty- right up my street!

Visited: Jul 08, 2017

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