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by grapesofglass

This excursion included a visit to a winery in production (interesting), the age-old Favaios Bakery, (delicious) and then lunch at the Quinta da Avessada (winery). This was the highlight of the trip! The meal was a complete soup-to-nuts extravaganza in a beautiful setting, and the owner of the winery, who spoke at the luncheon, was just a hilarious comedian! A wonderful day!

Visited: Aug 11, 2017

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by locococomama

Pinhao: Another hour ride to Castelo Rodrigo. It is a cute, ancient town, but you only spend an hour or so there, as there really is not much to see and do. The tour was a total of 10-15 minutes. There is a very cute church there, but the guide didn’t even go over the interesting things about that church, which was the usual way of these very boring guides. You have around an hour on your own. The guides told us to wait to by cork at this stop and there were literally 3 shops, with very little in them. While the price of cork was better than other places, there was little to choose from. As with other days, we were in the bus for 2 hours for just over an hour spent at the destination. PS, there is someone that comes onto the ship with good cork prices and handmade items (purses, wallets and jewelry mostly) on the last night that is worth the visit and her presentation on cork was good too.

Visited: Jun 02, 2017

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