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In Giverny, you must visit Claude Monet's House & Gardens. Take a tour of the house to get a better appreciation of Monet's family life and his art. Be sure to bring a camera with you.


Walk the path around Monet's gardens. You can almost picture Claude painting his water Lily painting. Artists are usually there with a sketch pad using the gardens as inspiration. Be sure to bring your camera. Each plant was thoughtfully planted. It is a painter's paradise.


At Money's Gardens, be sure to see the Clos Normand garden with its three acres of flowers andits Grande Allee (flower tunnel with large arches of rambling roses. See the water Lily garden, too. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the glorious color. It you draw, bring a sketch pad.


In Monet's garden be sure to take a photo of the arching green bridge with its stunning and sweet smelling wisteria. You will feel like you are part of his painting as I did.


Don't miss the gift shop. There are all sorts of treasures there. I bought a beautiful book, Monet's Passion. Even if you don't wish to buy anything, look up on the walls for reproductions of his famous art works. The little miniatures & note cards make lovely gifts.

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