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From Warnemunde, you can travel on the autobahn or railway to Berlin to view the Brandenburg Gate, Kaiser Wilhelm Church, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, the Reichstag and the collected wonders of the Pergamon Museum. Or stay down by the sea, and visit medieval Rostock and the spas of the Baltic shore.

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We went in to Berlin on the two hour train ride, but it was very enjoyable to see the countryside and talk to the tour guide. Berlin was beautiful and the weather was so nice. It is a must to see it and all the history, the wall, etc.

Visited: Jun 03, 2016

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I was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany in 1983 and visited East Berlin during the Cold War. I have not been back since 1985 when I left and so many things had changed. Many bitter sweet memories but the tour was awesome - the train ride was a bit long but worth the time spent in Berlin! Definitely a must see for those who never saw Berlin.

Visited: Jul 16, 2017

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While most of the tours were into Berlin, the 6 hour round trip did not entice us. Instead, we chose to visit the Schwerin castle and we were not disappointed. This fairy tale castle was beautiful inside and out. There was so much to see...Each room was decorated differently. The landscaping was just a lovely. After a short talk into town, we were given free time to explore on our own.

Visited: Sep 28, 2017

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