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From Warnemunde, you can travel on the autobahn or railway to Berlin to view the Brandenburg Gate, Kaiser Wilhelm Church, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, the Reichstag and the collected wonders of the Pergamon Museum. Or stay down by the sea, and visit medieval Rostock and the spas of the Baltic shore.

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by gfun

We took the train to Rostock which was easy to do but the real gem is Warnemunde itself.......such a gorgeous seaside town with a great beach, lots of lovely restaurants and quaint shops. Just spend time wandering around and enjoy.

by MInneapolis

I have been to Berlin before, so we did not do the $300/person, 3 hour (each way) bus/train trip. Reviews from most people who went were positive. However, you do not get a chance to go into some of the important sites, such as the Holocaust Museum, the Pergamum and other museums, the Berliner Dom (cathedral). I am not sure it is worth doing that. We spent the day in Wannrmunde (pleasant area along canal and white san beaches), Rostock (St. Mary's has a 600 year old astronomical clock similar to Prague's and a charming central city), and Bad Doberan (terrific 12th century abbey and cathedral)

Visited: Aug 17, 2018

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by 4Goodtimes

Went on a tour to Wismer & walked around the town which went back to the 1200's. Viewed building damage still remaing from WWII. The tour also included a stop at a local brewery where we sampled 3 different beers. The brewmaster also explained his brewing process. After the tour we walked around Warnemunde. A beautiful seaport with interesting shops adjacent to where the ship docked. Before we returned to the ship we had beer & hotdogs. This was a mistake because when we returned to the ship the Lido Deck around the pool area was offering German food & beer & we were too full to partake,

Visited: May 05, 2017

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by Chapmandad17

Make sure you see Schwerin Castle (Alla Tours) and then spend time down by the water eating local cuisine & drinking German beer before getting back onboard. DO NOT MISS DISEMBARKING FROM THE DOCK! The ship plays the theme song from The Love Boat as it leaves and the residents come out to watch it leave. Great time to be on deck (dock side) and watch the sun go down as you pull out.

Visited: May 10, 2018

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by italiana5

We went in to Berlin on the two hour train ride, but it was very enjoyable to see the countryside and talk to the tour guide. Berlin was beautiful and the weather was so nice. It is a must to see it and all the history, the wall, etc.

Visited: Jun 03, 2016

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