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Situated on the Swedish isle of Gotland, Hanseatic Visby was one of the most powerful cities in Europe. Today quaint homes and churches huddle together inside 13th-century walls. In former times, it was called "the city of ruins and roses," for along with its rose-covered churches, there is one somber sight - Gallows Hill, a place of execution so villains "might die looking at the loveliest spot on earth."

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by Smellsville

Beautiful city. We did a free walking tour with a British guy called Aidan. Very good. Just before we got back on the boat there was a lovely little cafe on the footpath just before the bridge over the road on the left. This is a beautiful building which houses the cafe a small art place and a clothes charity shop. The whole place is run by volunteers and was a fantastic little find. Black sheep pub in town worth a visit too. Great little beer garden out back

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