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Named for Thos, the god of thunder, this Danish outpost in the middle of the Atlantic has much of interest to see. Visit a farmhouse with a 900-year-old smoke room, the unfinished Gothic-style St. Magnus Cathedral, a medieval church still in use, and a fascinating Maritime and Historical Museum containing boats from the Viking period to the present.

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by HRG

We did the Cliffside Boat tour through the ship. This is a DON'T miss tour. We were on the bus a bit to get to our destination but our guide talked about a lot of the history etc which was interesting. It was a little overcast when we first got on the boat, but by the time we got out into the open water the sun came out. The cliffs are awe inspiring. Tons of green and loads of sheep...shocking as the incline is quite steep. You weave into a few passages and went into 2 caves....the color of the water is Caribbean blue. Definitely a great tour. A little store at the dock which had free wifi, bathrooms and pretty good shopping. My husband got a gorgeous handknit sweater.

Visited: Aug 04, 2017

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by Purplecruisers

Thorshaven, Faroe Island (NOT roam like home) on CMV Marco Polo August 2018 The sun and blue skies of the previous day were replaced with cloud and drizzle. The ship moors in the town which is walkable into the town centre. The currency is Danish Krone (Useful to get extra as this is the same currency in Greenland). We walked into town and went to the Information Centre which had a great level of information. Due to the weather we decided to use the free bus system to take a look around (all Red buses are free to use). There are some very interesting turf roof buildings. We went to the National History Museum (a bus ride out of the town centre). It was about £10pp for a ticket. Very interesting history of the islands and a great thing to do on a rainy day. To be honest I think we saw the Faroe Islands in a dim light due to the weather. This is worth a revisit focusing solely on the islands. I think there would be lots to do there to fill a week and we’d look to tie it in with their National Festival in July which we’d just missed on our day stop.


by wlivings

This was our favorite port of the cruise. The Faroe Islands are very interesting and beautiful. We took an Oceania excursion which was mostly a bus tour but the guide we had on the tour was very knowledgeable . Every minute was more beautiful than the previous minute.

Visited: Aug 28, 2019

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