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by ArcticMandy

There's a British guy named Simon who owns a farm. He does llama walks. There is a grey little hut outside of the tourist info centre where you can buy tickets for the walk. I paid with my Mastercard but you could also pay in NOR, $, € and £. The tour was about 90 mins. We got to visit his farm and walk our llamas down by the river. It was a great experience. People young and old loved it.


by Rieslingfam

So many people missed out on this gorgeous port just sitting around near the ship or just in town! We walked so much today... and loved the gorgeous HUGE waterfalls! Go walk around!


by CckCruise

The OH12 - Sognefjell Mountain & Scenic Jotunheim with refreshments excursion was great and had some amazing scenic stops and a very knowledgable guide.

Visited: May 20, 2018

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