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Nestled between the jagged range of Lofoten Islands is the tiny fishing hamlet of Gravdal with its wild, almost alpine grandeur. Fishing is still the main industry and many small villages with houses built on stilts over the water dot the landscape.

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We rented a car and visited the reconstructed viking home and preserved fishing village. With four people this is more economical than a Princess excursion. One can arrange to have have rental company deliver cars to pier. This island of mountains, trails and beaches was spectacular. A must see. A beatiful church was in Gravdol as well as inland on the island a bit. The pier is between Lecknes and Gravdol with only transportation (paid by passenger) to Lecknes. Poor planning.

Visited: Aug 12, 2017

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Unfortunately we never got off the boat here. It was exceptionally high winds and quite rough seas, so we stayed on the boat. We had 2 tired little girls who wanted to stay & play in the kids club.


Luckily we were able to get ashore. Took a Great walks up the hills and found a small pebbly beach to collect sea shells. Paddled in the artic sea it was cold but not freezing but can say I did it.

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