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Florence boasts a combination of 21st-century glamour and ancient historical significance. Tuscany's capital is as appealing to the mind as it is to the eye. Delicately shaded in pink, white, and green marble, the Piazza del Duomo is the most eye-catching jewel on the Florence skyline. Pose with Michelangelo's David outside the Palazzo Vecchio, or stroll through the gardens of the Medici Villas.

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by LudoCruise

Florence is a beautiful city, with a lot of historic buildings and monuments. On my cruise I went to Rome too, but to my opinion, Florence is a better looking city. It's not a big city, so you can walk from one historic building to the other easily. And during that small walk you can see other old and beautiful buildings. Florence is truly a city that should be on your bucket list.


by swancruiser

One of the most beautiful places if you like looking at buildings and statues then this is a must. The town centre was lovely with its markets and modern stores


by Gayell

Loved this place. Smaller than Rome but so many interesting places to explore. To me it was like a time capsule. Everything was so quaint & old fashioned. Loved some of the art works also


by dtraveler007

Hey Fellow Cruisers! If anyone is looking for a Shore Excursion for Florence?, from Royals La Spezia port, then look no further! There’s a great guided tour by Italy Tours www.italytours.eu which an excellent Best of Florence Experience for semi-private groups , with 6-8 each mini van, for less than half of what Royal Caribbean charges! We need 4 more people for our van/tour to be confirmed but they have room for more too!! Go check out the website now and click on the Best of Florence on the left! They are cutting off the October 3rd Tour day here very soon for the Sept 30th sailing of Symphony of the seas! So if you’re on same ship and sailing. Please check it out and book quickly! Here are the great/helpful reviews on Cruise Critic: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showpost.php?p=57076951 Thank you and looking forward to meeting fellow cruisers! This will be cruise 13 for me! Dustin

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