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Argostolion is the capital town of Kefallinia, one of the seven islands comprising the Estanisa, an island group in the Ionian Sea.

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Save some shopping money for this port, its the best value all week, just keep walking - a cool little town when you get a little past the initial waterfront. Enjoy a beverage in the town square or at Kafe Kefalonia, water front.

Visited: Sep 05, 2015

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Make sure to walk inland about a quarter mile to one of the travel agencies on the island and take the bus tour that goes to the cave and then a beach swim. The beach they take you to is secluded and one of the most serene places on earth.

Visited: Sep 02, 2017

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Our main aim here was to see some turtles, and this we did - we walked along the harbour as recommended by someone here on Ship Mate and saw three of them. Then we strolled back through the town. The ship docks right at the harbour.


Beautiful port and town. We took a bus to Makris Gialos beach and it was great. Bus was around 1,80€ for one person,one way ticket and it was worth it. We took a taxi back to the town and it was 10€ for four persons. Really recommend the beach:)

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