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by frankiefran

Had a great time on the Monkey/Sloth zoo excursion and the glass bottom boat to see the coral reef. Other than that it was a bit scary,some male locals cornered by aunt and I so we ran back to the port. Don’t walk around alone in my opinion.


by beccamarie86

Honduras was very interesting when we got there. A lot of pushy people outside the main gate. However, the Tourists Guides were very helpful and kept track of everyone by wearing colored bracelets. Even though the city had a lot of garbage on the side of the road, the excursion was awesome! We had a lady, Cindy, take us through trails before our beach break. She was wonderful and very informative on her nature and Country. She was super friendly and kept us all together. I would definitely check it out again just because of her!! Afterwards, we took pictures with a baby monkey they had at the zip lining post. Our taxi driver waited for us the whole time, even after he took us to the beach! He made sure we understood what time he would be back to pick us up. My husband wanted Iguana and asked the driver to pick him up some while we were at the beach. The driver was very nice and did that for my husband, which my husband paid for the meal and gave him a tip. We did Jet Ski's and ate at their resort. The beach was overly crowded since it was a resort for their guests and cruise ship guests. I would still go again because it was nice and relaxing. The taxi driver took the rest of our crew back to the boat docks and my husband and I shopped a little before departing back on. It was perfect!

Visited: Sep 09, 2018

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by bkp2009

If you do not plan an excursion, not much to do near the port a bar and a few place to shop. I would either plan an excursion or take a taxi to a beach.

by nvlittle

We didn't do an excursion. We hired a driver when we got off the ship and a guide and had the best time ever!!! They took us to hold monkeys and parrots, then we hit the beach. We saved soooo much money doing it this way!

Visited: Mar 05, 2017

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by claudcald

Roatan was such a Beautiful place! Took a cab and driver showed us the entire island, took us to shops away from port which were much cheaper in price. Bought lots of beautiful jewelry , scarfs,souvenirs, etc!!

Visited: Jan 29, 2017

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by stephamyj

Went on the Monkey Sanctaury tour with a stop at the Iguana Farm. The driver then took us on a brief tour of the island with a stop at Fantasy Island. If you love monkeys, this is a must.

Visited: Dec 29, 2018

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by annettenichols

Enjoyed this port. Went to Maya Key Private Island excursion and it was awesome. Must do if you love animals. They take care of rescued or hurt animals. Had an encounter with a huge seal. Held a baby monkey, went swimming and they also had snorkeling and a buffet lunch.

Visited: Jul 29, 2018

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by marisacaggiano

Did the Gumbalimba / Tabyana Beach excursion --- it was excellent. Monkeys climb all over you (in a good way). The beach was really beautiful; tons of security to watch your staff. Comfortable chairs. One of the guides took us out snorkeling by pulling us on a tube. It was some of the best snorkeling ever.

Visited: Oct 13, 2019

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by Ayymateeee

Although it was the dirtiest beach we had seen, our group had hands down the most fun here. The prices were reasonable and c’mon, we got to pet monkeys and sloths!!

Visited: Dec 09, 2018

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