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This picturesque city, wrapped around the perimeter of the island's finest natural harbour, is perhaps the most appealing capital city in the entire Caribbean. Founded in the early 18th century by the French, St. George's still possesses something of the character of a French town, particularly in the red tile roofs and pastel colors of its traditional architecture.

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We did the Catamaran snorkeling excursion with Lobster lunch. We had a ball. If u didn't want lobster like my cousin who is allergic she was given a choice between chicken and something else and they had that ready for her. We were taken to an island where they set up lunch for us. We had fish broth as appetizer, it was very good. I didn't expect to like it but, I loved it. It was served with garlic bread which was awesome. I almost forgot we were served our choice of white or red wine as we got off the catamaran to the island, it kept coming if you wanted more. The Lobster lunch was served with a green salad and potato salad. Everything was delicious. They really took good care of us. We were served drinks on the catamaran to the snorkeling spot where we spent about an 1-1/2 hr and left from there to the island for lunch where we spent maybe another 1-1/2 and returned. The ride to and from the ship was about 45 minutes each way on an air conditioned bus. Overall the excursion was well worth it me, my husband and my four cousins that were with me. We would have loved a bit more time at the island to stay in the water longer. It was clear with white sand to start and as you walked in it and got away from the shore it got blue and greenish turquoise, it was beautiful and the water was warm. I would do it again!


Loved the Spice island. Would go back in a heartbeat!! Take a island tour. It is such an awesome experience. Absolutely in love with this island!!! Beautiful. I wish I could smell the wonderful aroma from the island everyday. The colors were so vivid and beautiful.


Very lush, full of culture but scary roads! No right of way laws. We had a great tour guide who knew secret spots to view cinnamon trees, nutmeg, clove trees, and cocoa trees a very interesting

Visited: Mar 10, 2018

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