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Expect to be immediately immersed in the French Caribbean way of life. Vendors hawk everything from hairpins to bouquets of anthuriums on the congested narrow streets, and the markets are some of the Caribbean's most colorful. The largest, Marche St. Antoine, at the corner of Rues Frebault and Peynier, teems with activity all day long, with tropical produce and spices in madras bags sold by very vocal market women.

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by dizzybint

This was our favourite island, I wanted to go to death in paradise but was out voted by the rest of my party. We ended up at sainte Anne's beach and it was beautiful, the water was the clearest I've seen, it was excellent for snorkelling, but the fish could be seen without a snorkel anyway. The beach was rather full but not over crowded.


by retiredandcruis

All stores closed on sunday (even McDo). Ste-Anne beach is great but crowed. ($15.00 p/p roundtrip). Some kiosk at the exit of the ship but you better bargain with them, ex : frig. magnet at $5.00. got it for $2.00 next counter...

Visited: Jan 23, 2015

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by Kurt646

We did our own trip at the port in order to visit the town where the British crime drama Death in Paradise is filmed. We drank some beer at Katherine's beach bar and can attest that the island is every bit as beautiful as it appears.

Visited: Jan 24, 2018

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