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Kralendijk is the chief town of Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles. Tourism is the economic mainstay, though salt mining is also a significant industry. The island is known for its fine beaches, skin diving, and pink flamingos.

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Bonaire has amazing snorkeling, but take water shoes if you visit No Name Island! Seriously! (your feet will thank you as you depart the water taxi and step into rocks and bits of coral). You needn't bother snorkeling the reef if you are not an adventure buff. There are more than enough fish to see right off the beach in shallower water. I preferred the beach snorkeling as deep water snorkeling starts the Jaws theme song in my head. And did I mention to take water shoes? We caught Good Return Water Taxi at Karel's Beach Bar and spent the time waiting for the taxi sitting on the dock watching fish swim by in impossibly clear turquoise water. And did I mention to get some water shoes?!

Visited: Jun 25, 2016

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Loved this Island! We rented a car (from Budget Car Rental) and drove all over island - Awesome opportunity & would definitely recommend! We went to Donkey Sanctuary, saw the pink flamingos, slave huts on beach, Lighthouse, Salt flats & beautiful beaches. Ate lunch @ Karel's Beach Bar & Waterport. Tried Iguana Soup, coconut breaded shrimp and cocktail called "Sex with an Alligator!!" Fun, memorial day! Can't wait to return someday . . .


The best of the best! People are very helpful, everywhere on the island. Went to Spice Beach for the day. $2.50 cab ride. $5.00 chairs. Not much of a beach but a nice dock to get in water...incredible displays of aquatic life feet from shore, not a good bathing beach, (you have to swim). Staff is attentive and friendly....good food and drinks, very reasonable. Small pool and a dive shop top the list of amenities. Never had the feeling I was getting fleeced. A great experience!

Visited: Oct 26, 2017

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