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by Hoorayforvacay

Bonaire has amazing snorkeling, but take water shoes if you visit No Name Island! Seriously! (your feet will thank you as you depart the water taxi and step into rocks and bits of coral). You needn't bother snorkeling the reef if you are not an adventure buff. There are more than enough fish to see right off the beach in shallower water. I preferred the beach snorkeling as deep water snorkeling starts the Jaws theme song in my head. And did I mention to take water shoes? We caught Good Return Water Taxi at Karel's Beach Bar and spent the time waiting for the taxi sitting on the dock watching fish swim by in impossibly clear turquoise water. And did I mention to get some water shoes?!

Visited: Jun 25, 2016

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by MarksaCruising

Horse Ranch Bonaire- we booked online. Pricing was good. Picked us up across the street from port entrance. Took just my wife and I riding. Rode about 1.5 hrs to the beach. Then rode in water over the horses head. Really cool! Total ride time was about 4 hours. Energetic horses. Well trained. We had a blast. Dropped us off at the port. We walked bow legged back on the ship.


by cruiserdh

Loved this Island! We rented a car (from Budget Car Rental) and drove all over island - Awesome opportunity & would definitely recommend! We went to Donkey Sanctuary, saw the pink flamingos, slave huts on beach, Lighthouse, Salt flats & beautiful beaches. Ate lunch @ Karel's Beach Bar & Waterport. Tried Iguana Soup, coconut breaded shrimp and cocktail called "Sex with an Alligator!!" Fun, memorial day! Can't wait to return someday . . .


by IosonoPetre

Loved the stunning Klein beach on Klein Bonaire island and its amazing reef. The water taxi are beside the port and it takes 20 min. You can rent a snorkeling gear and enjoy the amazing reef and the underwater world from the taxi for around 5$ i think....not sure... A must see!!!


by redbeardhoosier

The southern Caribbean's best-kept secret. I have not had as much fun exploring any island more than Bonaire, which we did via golf cart, thanks to Bonaire Cruisers. From postcard port town, to peaceful western beaches, to the flamingos at Lake Goto, to the tropical wilds of Washington-Slagbaai National Park, to quaint Rincon (and the unique cactus liqueur worth a sample at Cadushy distillery), to the Onima inscriptions, to the panoramic views from Saru Largu, there's something for everyone - and that's just the northern loop. Head south from Kralendjyk past the airport to see Pekelmeer, the salt pans, slave huts, Willemstoren lighthouse, the wild eastern shore beaches, Lac Bay, and mangroves. The island is small enough to explore on your own - and we did so with plenty of time, even taking a two-hour lunch break on the ship. Simply put, this was one of the best days I've ever had in port.


by katidid213

We sailed on Celebrity Summit to Bonaire (our 14th cruise since 2011). Bonaire is without a doubt the most beautiful and surreal island I’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit. The water was the clearest I’ve ever seen and it was amazing that people were scuba diving from the beach. No need to take a boat here! The people were beyond friendly and most speak English and Papiamento. I cried when it was time to leave our excursion at Delfins Beach Resort. I cannot wait to go back!


by misterkevin

Woodwind Bonaire leaves within steps of the cruise port to a catamaran which holds the group of 20 snorkelers who separate into three group based on experience. There are 4 staff plus a photographer on board. Everything is included, from gear even with corrective lenses, unlimited drinks, beer, and water, protective sun shirts, a meal, and small groups off to explore the gorgeous reefs of Klein Bonaire. The photographer sold sets of amazing pictures of us on deck, under the water, and of the beautiful sea life for $40.

Visited: Oct 15, 2018

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