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St. Lucia is one of the most scenic volcanic islands in the Caribbean. By helicopter, fly over beautiful Castries Harbor and Les Pitons, St. Lucia's dramatic twin volcanic peaks.

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We took the ship sponsored Coastal Cruise to the Pitons excursion on a catamaran. What a fun time! Besides the amazing views, we stopped at Marigot Bay for a photo opp and stopped for a 45 minute swim in a secluded cove. Several locals were on kayaks trying to sell small trinkets and jewelry as you were swimming but were polite and rowed away once you declined. The water was so clear that we even saw stingrays and tropical fish! Once the swim was over, the rum punch was served. BEWARE!!! THIS IS POWERFUL STUFF!!! One little cup is like doing a shot! People on the catamaran began dancing and singing. The music was turned up and the vibe changed to "Party Cruise". We sailed right up to the Pitons and the boat rotated several times so that everyone could pose for photos. It was an amazing view! In addition to the free, endless cups of Rum Punch, the catamaran bar had the local Piton brew available for purchase. Of course you have to have a Piton at the base of the Pitons! Once the boat turned, we went right back to port and right back to the ship.

Visited: May 12, 2018

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We LOVE Saint Lucia... Please, visit the Pitons...Those two mountains are stunning. Nothing could have prepared me for that amazing experience. The mud bath is a must too. The people are friend and good food. Can’t wait to come back.


This was our favorite port. We went on a boat excursion around the island. (I think it’s called Joy’s Crusises or something like that.) It was awesome we got to sail around the island, we saw a bat cave, got to stand under a water fall, snorkel at a cool beach, eat lunch at the beach. It was really cool and fun

Visited: Aug 04, 2018

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We absolutely loved St Lucia! We did an excursion with Joys Adventure Excursion & Coastal Cruises. We were a small group, so we saw so much of the island by speedboat. We also did the sulphur bath, waterfall, a fantastic lunch of local food, then swimming/snorkeling. I can't say enough, they were fantastic. We would love to go back.

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