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by christydollface

St. Kitts Rainforest Tour was so much fun! You start in a open bus at the end of the port pier that drives everyone up to the mountain area where the rainforest is. On the way up we made short stops to get a history of the town and the environment. When we got to the top we all got out to get really amazing pictures of the view and everyone got rum which was included. After that we drove thru the Forrest and down to the beach where we got to hang until going back to the pier area. We still had extra time to shop too!


by Ship4brains

Of all the ports we went to, this was my favorite. I did the sail and rail and was able to view the island from two different perspectives. I like to do different things and the thought of taking a train ride was intriguing and it dint disappoint. The best part was when they handed out St Kitts favorite dessert, sugar cakes.


by ClaireAlex

I’ve heard so many great things I can’t wait to go!! The tours the beaches the food and the culture oh man what an experience! My family definitely needs this.


by GoJoe

Steel drum and beach excursion with a 96’ party boat. Band and DJ were amazing and got everyone dancing!! Beach was secluded from the locals and the the water was clear and clean

Visited: Jul 14, 2019

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by skipperdude

One of the best port shopping complexes I've seen in the Caribbean. St Kitts is fairly small so there isn't a lot to do and much of it is still vacant plantation land. We did the train tour which was pleasant and saw a lot of the old plantation land with some good views of mountain an one side and sea on the other. We had a very attentive bartender on our rail car.

Visited: Oct 27, 2018

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by ltweasel

We booked the Brimstone Fortress excursion (don't miss this one) and somehow ended up with the same tour guide we had four years ago. What a nice surprise. St. Kitts is my favorite island outside of St. John. Yes, the shopping area is crowded and yes you get hassled but guess what, the shopping area is very small part of the island. Note: Don't judge the Caribbean by the T-Shirt shops.

Visited: Apr 05, 2019

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by music55rachel

This would be a green happy face if not for one thing. Although in general the people were beautiful and the place was gorgeous, be warned-you will see monkeys that are trained to take pictures with people and for the most part they are very well taken care of, but I did see one handler that was mentally unstable and he was physically abusing the poor little baby monkey he kept tied up, making her scream and try helplessly to get away from him, which utterly broke my heart. If you see him, DO NOT pay him!! He is known by the locals as "Chazzy," a large, heavy set black man who steals tips left on tables by using the monkey and also tries to con tourists by taking pictures before he tells them the price-and he charges double what everyone else does. The other monkey handlers were super cool and very kind to their monkeys, I just had to make this review in hopes that it might possibly help prevent more monkeys from being abused. Thank you for your attention.

Visited: Jun 12, 2016

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by mlafferty13

Nice friendly place. I’ve been a few times. There is an amazing place to eat near the port. I believe it was called back to the basics. This is a place locals eat. The food was amazing and it was a great price! The place has music and looks like a shack. Would definitely make a stop there!


by yailuv2cruise

Honestly not my favorite port on this cruise. As women traveling alone I just didn’t feel as safe as the other ports and I did not enjoy the constant pressure to pet the monkeys. Despite this I thoroughly enjoyed the Scenic Railway Tour around the island. Both our tour driver and train guide were fantastic. We learned so much about the island and people. They serve rum punch on the train, if you get it or the pina colada’s just know they pack a punch!! Also loved seeing the sea where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean

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