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by BobFuchs

This was an amazing time. They load up everything from the ship that is needed for a good time and you have an instant party with all your shipmates on what is basically your very own island. Lots of things to do but book early because they sell out fast.


by dukebdevil08

This place is so nice to go to if you can find the right time in the year when you don't have bad weather due to rip currents and storms.we we're tendered to the island and within 15 minutes after getting on the island a bad storm came in and everyone had to leave.i would go back to this place again and hopefully get to spend more time there!


by BoomerangTX

Loved it! We were on the first tender from the ship, and got chairs and an umbrella very close to the water. The water was a little cold for me, but my daughter absolutely loved it. When we got there, the water was full of rays, and she had a blast swimming with them until it got too crowded and they moved into the deeper waters. The food and beverage service was provided by the ship’s staff, and was outstanding. It was very convenient that we could use our sign and sail card to pay for our drinks. It was not too developed when we went, the amenities were fairly basic, and it had a really laid-back vibe. I’m curious to see what it’s going to be like after this huge remodel the Royal Caribbean is doing. We will be there in November 2019, so I guess I will find out then.

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